Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Well today we experienced the greatest day yet in Dutch Harbor. The sun was shinning all day long. Sister Noel shoveled snow off of the back deck while I put together an invitation for her to deliver regarding the upcoming Relief Society birthday celebration we will have here in the Branch for all of the Sisters.
We are enjoying our time here on this beautiful Pacific island. We are beginning to feel more comfortable in the area and are starting to recognize people in the community. You have to learn what car or truck they drive then you know when they are home. If you see a car on the road you can usually know who is driving except for the company vehicles.
The snow has done a lot of melting the past couple of days but there is more forecast for later on this week. Hopefully the temperatures will be high enough that it won't stick around for long. Many of the local people say this is the worst winter for snow that they have had in a number of years.
We are looking forward to the warmer months as everyone tells us that the place becomes absolutely beautiful. The mountains turn an emerald green and the wild flowers are supposed to be just magnificent. They have wild blue berries and salmon berries that are second to none we have been told. Blue berries are the size of your thumbnail according to the local natives.