Sunday, November 16, 2008

I tried to post something last night and it ended up on Wilder Allen Hatch's blog. I will try again and see if it gets to where it is supposed to be on our blog.

We are in Seward now and enjoying the access to civilization that we have. There is actually a road that we can get on that will take us to Anchorage in two hours. We don't have that isolated feeling that we had in Dutch. We miss the people in Dutch and would have stayed longer but the President and the Lord figured it was time to move on. It was a sudden and expensive exit but it happened so quickly that only Darlene could have pulled it off by herself. She is amazing.

I am enclosing a few pictures of Seward. It is a beautiful place and we have room for anyone that wants to come visit. We have three bedrooms and only use one of them. It is only 900 square feet but we don't need much these days. We may consider downsizing when we get home, well that is a thought that I will not pass by my wife because it wouldn't fly but a guy can dream can't he?